Seared Scallop with Salsa Verde & Green Garlic Couscous

seared scallop with salsa verde & green garlic couscous

Having leftovers after a job is somewhat of a pleasant challenge. I run through my mind frantically the leftover ingredients, dishes, condiments and try to think of efficient and delicious ways to use these up. If I have way too many things in the fridge I get a little bit stressed only because I don’t want to end up throwing something out. Yeah I guess I’m a bit obsessive about the whole thing. But hey, I’m just trying to eat a decent meal over there.

After the below event I was left with some salsa verde, scallops, romesco, polenta, short ribs, potato puree, and chard. I picked up a few extra scallops at the fish market for myself while shopping for the job. Of course the scallops would have to go first. And the salsa verde since it only lasts a few days. The polenta and short ribs went to the freezer for something delicious later, when I’ve finished all the quickly perishables in my fridge.

Lately couscous has been a staple in pantry since it is so easy to cook and comes together in matter of minutes. I thought it would be a good base for the scallops. Something simple and quick. I sweated some green garlic in butter then added water and brought it to a boil. I added the couscous to the pot, covered it and took it off the heat to steam for a few minutes.

The scallops also took no time at all. I dabbed them dry with a paper towel, seasoned it with salt & pepper, and seared them off in olive oil. Then topped it with a dollop of salsa verde. Same combination as the “croque madame” except I left off the brown butter for a healthier alternative. So there you have my first leftover creation, Seared Scallop with Salsa Verde & Green Garlic Couscous.


9 thoughts on “Seared Scallop with Salsa Verde & Green Garlic Couscous

  1. i remember when we first started hanging out how you cooked dinner from the items you found in your refrigerator. i was so impressed because if i looked at the same items in my frig, i would have gone for take-out.

    the funnier memory was when I was telling this same exact story to justin because that was when he found out that you can cook…

  2. ^ meanwhile I was making her my ghetto chicken parmesan

    she didn’t make fun of me though, at least at the time

  3. hi guys,
    but i wasn’t really cooking much around the time i met justin though. i didn’t really cook that often until i started my blog. see no trickery here! there were many quesadilla & mimosa breakfasts enjoyed. 🙂

  4. that looks yummy…i’m hoping that i cook more with my new blog. i always wanted to start my own catering thing, but never really got serious about it. just did it as a hobbie for friends.

  5. hi elyssa,
    i never expected to cater or anything. i was just cooking for fun and a hobbie just like you. looking forward to your updates!

    hi dylan,
    i live in a household full of non-stick pans and electric stove, i try not to keep the heat too high. these scallops were giving off a little bit of water when i stored them in the fridge but after drying them with a papertowel they were ok.

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