Endive & Artichoke Salad with Anchovy Dressing

endive, treviso & artichoke salad w/anchovy dressing

Do you ever get those days where you just need a juicy salad? By juicy I mean a lettuce that is crunchy, full of water. Most of the time this means romaine to me. For a while I was on the arugula and baby spinach train, but lately I’ve been all about having crunchy juicy salads. But romaine itself is not the only such lettuce to tickle my fancy in that way.

Endives, also crunchy and juicy, make for delicious salads. I picked up a pack of endives at Trader Joe’s for a last minute salad to go with my pasta dinner. I added some canned artichokes to the salad and tossed all of it gently in an anchovy dressing using the Chez Panisse recipe as a guide. I mashed up a few anchovy filets and garlic in my mortar and pestle then added champagne vinegar and lemon juice to the mix. Then a whisk of good quality olive oil, and my salad my ready for mah belly.

I loved the color combination of the white endives and the red endives. A more elegant salad than my usual romaine and Trader Joe’s caesar dressing.


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