Strawberries & Cream

creme fraiche panna cotta w/strawberries

It’s a beautiful thing to go to a farmer’s market and breathe the heady aroma of sweet strawberries and peaches, a few of my favorite fruits. I was seduced by a small basket of Gaviota strawberries as I was leaving the farmer’s market and just had to get em.

As you all know strawberries & cream is a classic combination and a quite delicious one. I can eat a bowlful of berries just topped with creme fraiche or freshly whipped cream. But this time around I went with Creme Fraiche Panna Cotta with Strawberries from the Sunday Suppers at Lucques cookbook.

Panna cotta is so easy to make. It’s one of the few desserts that sits on my desserts-I-can-actually-make list. It’s an Italian dessert whose name means “cooked cream.” It’s basically cream base that has been set with gelatin and chilled. You can flavor it any way you please but since I heart creme fraiche with a passion I went back to it to pair with my strawberries.

The creamy, cool and tangy panna cotta and the sweet strawberries simply tossed with a bit of sugar made a beautiful team. Not only an easy dessert but a looker too.


6 thoughts on “Strawberries & Cream

  1. This is such a stunning dessert. You don’t even know how many people were eyeing it that morning, putting their Hot Pockets to shame (luckily, I sit right next to the fridge). It was perfect… creamiest texture, freshest berries. Yummy. Guess who just bought half a gallon of heavy cream? I was going to make gelato, but for some reason I’m craving panna cotta now. 🙂

  2. drool…. gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.

    i love panna cotta. but it’s so deceptive – you think it’s light and airy, and next thing you know, you’ve ingested an entire pint of heavy cream on your own.

    i think i must pick up a copy of sunday suppers at lucques.

  3. hi julie – haha, there are one too many hot pockets in our office. you are livin dangerously with that gallon of heavy cream! i have a feeling you are going to have an emergency panna cotta party. bet you won’t get any complaints though. 🙂

    hi sue – yes get the book! you’ll love it. you’re right panna cotta can be very deceptive as this one was mostly cream. but i saw a yogurt version on barefoot contessa. not a bad idea!

  4. that is a great pix!

    anyhow, everytime I watch Giada’s cooking show, 1 out of every 5 episodes she does something with panna cotta…i hate the way she says the word “panna cotta”.

  5. thanks hannah! yeah panna cotta is really versatile, there are so many varieties. haha, giada says “panna cotta” the correct way. don’t worry though, i say it the american way. 🙂

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