Dad’s Saturday Morning Sandwich

dad's saturday morning sandwich

My dad used to make this breakfast sandwich on Saturday mornings for our family when I was way younger, around middle school or so. Toasted white bread topped with ham, tomato, iceburg lettuce, American cheese and the best part, a fried egg. The tomatoes were juicy, the lettuce fresh and the bread toasted to a golden brown in butter resulting in a the best sort of crunch.

Even before our lives included heirloom tomatoes, wild arugula and fancy hams like prosciutto food was still delicious. So in honor of those delicious Saturday mornings I decided make my dad this breakfast sandwich for Father’s Day.

My version included whole wheat bread toasted sans butter, black forest ham, applewood smoked bacon, American cheese, the ripest Japanese tomato and perilla lettuce (also known as limestone or roussette) from the farmer’s market, and of course a fried egg. I fried it just until the white were cooked but the yolk was still a bit runny. When I cut the sandwich in half I could not help but ogle it, especially with that tempting egg!


9 thoughts on “Dad’s Saturday Morning Sandwich

  1. Hey, remember he used to butter-toast only one side of the bread on the fying pan, and use the crispy sides facing in, not out? I just remembered that.

    Sorry we haven’t been around… It’s been crazy.

  2. Beautiful! Reminds me of that egg sandwich from that Adam Sandler film…um….Spanglish? Rubbish film, terrific-looking sandwich!

  3. hi oppa,
    hope your school is going well! nothing much going on at home anyways. i thought the crispy part was outside?? bc i remember my fingers being greasy. hmm..

    hi su-lin,
    i didn’t see spanglish but how cool is it that thomas keller coached sandler on being a chef?! the sandwich in the movie is keller’s recipe.

    hi hannah,
    runny yolk fan unite! let’s go eat at dongiljang sometime. i’m still working on my korean bbq comparisons. 🙂

  4. i haven’t gone to Dong Il Jang in a LONG TIME! So sounds good…. There is also a great place on Wilshire and Kingsley called Nam something :)….

  5. Crispy part outside? Hmm. Well try it the other way if you get a chance and see if it rings a bell. That sandwich looks awesome either way. Another blast from the past is how we used to eat that Price Club seafood salad on toast every morning, along with omma’s milk & strawberry blended shake. Maybe a candidate for another immaeatchu reinterpretation.

    (I moved to, by the way. Not that I was writing much recently on lj, but I’m trying to make it into a habit now.

  6. hi oppa,
    omma still buys the seafood salad! it still tastes great but soo bad for you. the scientific sounding ingredient list is like a mile long but i can’t help eating it when she gets it. oh yeah strawberry milk!

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