Heirloom Tomato & Burrata Salad

heirloom tomato & burrata salad with purple & italian basil

An heirloom tomato & burrata salad is simplicity at its best.

Simplicity however requires quality and this was not hard at all strolling through Santa Monica’s Saturday farmer’s market. The tomato stand was in full effect, each variety of tomatoes labeled and boxed separately. I went straight for the Pineapple variety, one of my favorites. It’s meaty, juicy and sweet. It never lets me down when I want to be in tomato heaven.

I also picked up some purple and Italian basil at the market. My intention was never to make a tomato and burrata salad but since I was in the area I felt compelled to stop by Bay Cities for an early morning, non-hectic shopping trip. Gioia burrata, freshly baked bread & Rustichella d’Abruzzo balsamic vinegar were the first items to land in my arms.

I am at a bit of a loss when choosing balsamic vinegars but I recognized the Rustichella label from their pasta stocked at Surfas. I got the 6 year bottle for $16. [If anyone can recommend something from Surfas or Bay Cities I would appreciate it!]

Here is how the salad went down…

Perfectly ripe tomato wedges, big ol spoonful of creamy cool burrata in the middle, sprinkled with a confetti of basil, drizzled with a wild Spanish olive oil, very light sprinkling of the Rustichella 6 balsamic just over the tomatoes, and fleur de sel.

It was amazing. Seriously, get yourself a bag of good quality ingredients and you can make *amazing* happen in like a minute.


10 thoughts on “Heirloom Tomato & Burrata Salad

  1. i remember that i ate this salad everyday for a week sometime last year! i love burrata! thank you for the introduction…

  2. That looks gorgeous. I’ve been craving this sort of salad ever since summer started… If all goes well at the market tomorrow, I hope to have this for lunch for the rest of the week. 🙂

    And I haven’t been to Bay Cities yet, so I’m looking forward to checking it out.

  3. Isn’t that burrata the stuff of angels? It pretty much makes everything taste good doens’t it?! What a lovely dinner for a summer evening. I think I may have to copy you and do this over the weekend:)

  4. BURRATA!!! 🙂 Yum. I love this stuff. I can eat it like yogurt (Yes, I’m a glutton like that). With heirloom tomatoes and basil… it’s so delish. Bay cities get their burrata shipment on Monday nights and Fridays, so I might just have to stop by on my way back from the Culver City FM.

  5. hi nina – i love tomato season! i don’t think i could ever get sick of this salad. bay cities is great! their bread and sandwiches are to die for.

    hi anne – burrata is heavenly. the first thing i do when i come home is to take a spoonful of it straight from the tub to my mouth. yum.

    hi julie – i am such a glutton too. as you can see i put way too much burrata on the pizza.

    hi oppa – hmm i don’t remember where i had my first bite of burrata. but whereever it was i’m hooked now!

  6. Just wanted to let you know that Bay Cities was fantastic — I got a Godmother sandwich with the works and the burrata. I expected the burrata to be a bit pricey, but I didn’t realize that the container is packed full of a lotta burrata! 🙂 So worth it. I want to use it all up, and it looks like I’m following in your footsteps — I made tomato salad last night, will make pizza tonight, and then I don’t know, maybe a makeshift lasagne after that… in addition to snacking on it by the spoonful.

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  8. hi nina,

    their godmother sandwich is great! i always get it with the works too and plus spicy peppers. yeah the gioia burrata containers come packed full. unfortunately i didn’t get to finish mine. it’s about a week old now so probably too old. 😦

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