Wild Strawberry Tart

wild strawberry tart

I’ve been so busy lately I was almost ready to make a disclaimer stating that I won’t be able to post for a while. I’m actually studying for the Chartered Financial Analyst Level I test which requires 20+ hours of studying per week. That means I haven’t cooked anything blog-worthy, eating Trader Joe’s delicious frozen foods for dinner when I do night studying sessions in my empty office, which is basically every night, and living off my mom’s delicious comforting Korean food.

But I was determined to make it to the Saturday Santa Monica Farmer’s Market and fill up on some super fresh vegetables. Friday night ended early so waking up at 8:30AM was no problem at all. There is so much delicious produce at the farmer’s market! I have to try hard not to buy too much stuff which happens often because I get way too excited about the produce.

This time I was good though. I knew I couldn’t get much stuff anyways because the only time I would have a chance to cook it is this weekend. I got a pretty good load of vegetables and seafood. Then I saw these wild strawberries. So beautiful! But also soooo fragile. I knew I would have to eat these by end of the day. I immediately thought wild strawberry tart!

As I walked away I thought again wild strawberry tart?? Crap, when would I have time to make this? I needed to make pastry dough and pastry cream. And with my planned six hour study session at the library and an outing with the friends at night I was going to have to hustle with the few free hours I had between.

Hustle is what I did since I was also making ricotta-stuffed and fried squash blossoms. The squash blossoms and wild strawberries are absolutely need-to-eat-immediately vegetables. If you don’t eat them within the day their freshness decreases like crazy.

I made the pastry cream first because it would have to thoroughly chill in the fridge. Then onto the puff pastry shell. I cheated a lil bit by skipping the pastry dough part and instead used store-bought puff pastry I had in my freezer for times exactly like this. I made the extra borders by cutting a lil dough off each side of the square (the pastry came in little squares), trimming them to fit the new square, then adhering them with egg wash, and also eggwashing the edges for a golden glow. I baked them for about 12 minutes at 425 degrees. Then didn’t come out perfect but it was going to have to do.

Once the pastry was cooled and the pastry cream chilled I just put them together. Pastry cream inside, wild strawberries on top, then glazed with some melted strawberry jam. The strawberries on their own were quite delicious. Although so tiny the wild ones had a more concentrated flavor than regular strawberries. Almost a jammy quality to it. Paired with the cool pastry cream and puffed up butter pastry it made a great summer’s night dessert.

My parents loved this one. Good thing I only made two because they were ready to eat a whole batch.


7 thoughts on “Wild Strawberry Tart

  1. Those little tarts look fantastic. I was actually wondering where to get wild strawberries with the stems still on them. I was making a pitcher of Pimms Cups using a Martha Stewart recipe and she suggested using some. I should have known the SM Farmers Market would have them.

    Lately I’ve been going to this nice little market at Plummer Park in West Hollywood on Monday mornings. The last time I was there I saw a big box of beautiful squash blossoms. I really wanted them but didn’t really know what to do with them. How are they stuffed and fried? I’m not sure I’ve had them that way.

  2. thanks scott! i’m gonna need all the luck i can get. especially getting sidetracked with cooking and blogging. πŸ™‚

    thanks grant! the squash blossoms – clean the zucchini bottom (keep the flower dry though); trim the bottom; break off the stamen inside the flower; drain any morning dew in the flower. i stuffed mine with ricotta flavored with basil, parmesan, salt and pepper. i used a teaspoon to stuff them very gently and squeezed the top shut. you can also use a pastry bag. chill them in the fridge to harden up the cheese a lil bit. meanwhile make your batter. then batter and deep fry them. when finished serve with aioli or just a squeeze of lemon juice. i haven’t been able to actually master the battering and frying of the blossoms. i just keep dreaming about the AOC ones. they are absolutely perfect!

  3. this reminds me of the Korean treats that I used to devour when I was lil’…i think the puff pastries came out perfectly…

  4. hannah, i think i know what you’re talking about! the lil french pastry rectangles with strawberry jam in the middle? those were my absolute favorites. i think they’re called french pies?

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