Striped Bass in Miso Broth


Ludo Bites serves up an amazing miso soup with foie gras and studded with fava beans, peas, enoki and garnished with nori and mint. I made a similar version at home but sans foie gras. Instead I added seared striped bass. I used shiro miso for the base then added all the same ingredients with the additional chiffonade of Korean perilla. A light, quick and fresh meal.


10 thoughts on “Striped Bass in Miso Broth

  1. hi santos, a lot but not too many? 🙂

    hi hannah, you will get to taste the og one tomorrow. soo good.

    hi justin, yeah we shared that bowl. actually i ate most of it.

    hi imani, 😀 i’m a hero! love it. i’ll fly over than in a sec.

  2. Holy cow. That looks gorgeous. I know Ludo is your hero and all, but I betcha I’d like your version better. His version was good … but not worth the crazy expensive price, imo. Plus, I just plain like everything you make. 😀

  3. thanx ellen, it’s almost an exact replica of chef’s. i copied. 🙂 i wanted to add some sweet potato starch noodles too but couldn’t find any at home.

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