Hwe Dup Bap


Hwe dup bap is one of my favorite Korean dishes ever. It’s basically a raw fish rice bowl with fresh vegetables and a gochujang-based sauce called chojang. The basic ingredients of chojang are gochujang and rice vinegar. I added minced garlic and sesame oil to mine and a touch of water to thin it out. This spicy tangy sauce is a traditional accompaniment to raw fish in Korean cuisine.

You can use a variety of fish in there but this time I stuck to the striped bass fillet I had in the fridge. The fish should be sushi grade and very fresh. You can pick up prepacked sushi grade fish at Korean or Japanese markets. For the vegetables I sliced up some green leaf lettuce, Persian cucumber, carrot, red onion and perilla. I like tons of vegetables in mine.


4 thoughts on “Hwe Dup Bap

  1. I love perilla in my hwe dup bap! Hey! We should go to AWON sometime. They have great hwe dup bap there and it’s massive. Even Jonathan Gold gave it a go….

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