The French version of a ham and cheese sandwich. According to Larousse Gastronomique a croque is a hot sandwich “with the crusts removed” made with Gruyere and lean ham, and if desired topped and broiled with a Gruyere bechamel suace. Add a fried egg on top it becomes a madame. I made mine with stuff I had around the kitchen – sliced sourdough bread and thin honey ham. I like mine with the gruyere bechamel bit so I went ahead with that but also added parmesan and dijon mustard like Ina does.


Larousse states that “the ham can be replaced by white chicken meat, the Gruyere cheese by Gouda, and a slice of tomato or even pineapple can be added.” Pineapple??? Haha. No pineapple version of mine but I’ve made a peppered country bacon one before topped with a fried quail egg. Take a look at the browned cheesy goodness. Irresistible.

5 thoughts on “Croque-Monsieur

  1. hi justin, if croques came packaged like chip it would be the cause of your demise.

    hi hannah, i didn’t used to be a fan of sandwiches before too but now days i can’t resist a crusty bahn mi, a crusty pork rillette sandwich or my summer fav – heirloom tomato and mozzarella. but a hot croque? always hits the spot! good for chilly days.

  2. hi ofg, i’m not a big fan of ham either unless it’s cured. i want to try subbing chicken too. i’m getting hungry just thinking about it!

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