Kampachi Crudo with Green Harissa, Citrus Avocado Salad


Thanks to Boy I recently got my fill of delicious food from Lucques. I started off dinner with The Persimmon which was a cool cocktail shaken up with fresh persimmon, maker’s mark, elderflower liqueur and champagne. Doesn’t this sound amazing? I’m craving one right now. The dish that really made an impression on me though was the Market Fish Crudo with Green Harissa, Avocado, Chili and Lime. The fish was kampachi and it was beyond delicious. The fish was so fresh and melted away into my mouth with a touch of the fresh green harissa made with jalapeno and spiced with coriander and caraway. I could have had a few more plates of this.

So I went ahead and fixed myself a homemade version over the weekend. I picked up a fillet of super fresh sushi-grade kampachi from Santa Monica Seafood. I minced a few jalapenos and then crushed them into a paste in my mortar and pestle. I added ground coriander, caraway, cumin, parsley, and olive oil. For the citrus avocado salad I supremed and diced up some oro blanco, meyer lemon and orange. I added diced up avocado, minced onion, olive oil and a pinch of sugar to balance the acidity a little bit. An equal proportion of avocado and citrus would have been better but alas my some of my avocados were trouble makers and weren’t good enough to use.

Since reading about Matt’s enthusiasm for O Olive Oil’s meyer lemon version I had picked up a bottle. I opened it up for the first time for this crudo. It’s very tasty! I have a feeling a few more bottles of theirs is going to fill up my pantry. To plate the dish I sliced up the kampachi thinly, fanned it out on a plate and drizzled it lightly with the meyer lemon olive oil. I dabbed a bit of green harissa on each slice and served it up with a spoonful of the citrus avocado salad.

10 thoughts on “Kampachi Crudo with Green Harissa, Citrus Avocado Salad

  1. Geesh you always make food look so appetizing/sexy/ obscene regardless of how full I am from breakfast, lunch, or dinner. 😉

  2. I feel like I could eat the kampachi (Yoony’s and/or Lucques’) for 7-8 hours straight. It’s light, refreshing and sessionable.

  3. That looks so pretty. Although I really like the idea of that cocktail! A friend gave me a bag of persimmon puree he made from persimmons that grow in his back yard. I was trying to figure out what to make with them, I was thinking sorbet or geltato. But I love the idea of this cocktail. As you recall, did they use persimmon puree?

  4. Hi Yoony! I think kampachi = kanpachi. They’re used interchangeably, no? I’ve noticed it called kanpachi here in Denver. Anyway, one of my favorite sushi places here makes a jalapeno kanpachi appetizer – I LOVE IT. Your version looks lovely also – I just might make it! 🙂

  5. thanks nhbilly! trust me, the first plating was a big mess.

    hi justin, i’m craving it right now. more kampachi very soon.

    hi hannah, when you get a chance you should try it at lucques. soo good.

    hi grant, that cocktail’s been on my mind too. i’m not sure which type of persimmon they used but seems like they used just the juice, so prolly pureed then sieved. the color was beautiful! i’m going to try to make it with hachiyas this weekend. i’ll let you know how it goes

    hi lynn! i’ve seen both “kam/kan-pachi” spellings here. isn’t it tasty? i feel kind of addicted to it.

    thanks ellen!

    thanks ofg! i think i’m ready for round two of taste explosion.

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