Halibut Cheek with Couscous & Meyer Lemon Relish


I didn’t want the leftover meyer lemon relish to goto waste so I went to Whole Foods to look for another seafood to pair with it. Halibut cheeks quickly caught my eyes. I’ve never had halibut cheeks before but I know fish cheeks are supposed to be tender. Perfect match! I seasoned the cheeks with salt, pepper, and paprika, then sauteed it a few minutes on each side. I served the tender halibut cheeks over whole wheat couscous and the tangy bright meyer lemon fresh.


10 thoughts on “Halibut Cheek with Couscous & Meyer Lemon Relish

  1. Next time I’ll have to pair it with some a lil less strong than the De Proef Reserve Signature Ale. The fish was so delicate and delicious – I think a subtle saison would work really well.

  2. hi justin, yeah saison dupont would have been nice. or even prima pils.

    hi hannah, gotta get a few healthy ones in there sometimes!

    hi ellen, haha didn’t know your mouth was a complement to halibut cheeks.

  3. Somehow I’d always thought of halibut as being sole-sized… And I couldn’t quite believe that was a cheek and not the whole fish…

    Mouth is puckering at the thought of that relish.

  4. Susan I love your posts. Short and to the point, but descriptive and great photos.

    So how were the halibut cheeks? Were they as tender as you hoped? I’ve had cod cheeks and they were great! Tender, sweet, melt-in-your mouth delicious. I’ve had beef cheeks too, in raviolis at Babbo, they were out of this world!

  5. hi dawn! how ya doin? i was really surprised when i saw how big halibut cheeks are. it’s a big fish!

    thanks ofg, πŸ™‚ the halibut cheeks flaked a lot thinner than filets do. they were tender but i think a minute less on each side would have been perfect. it tasted great though. mild and sweet. i love meat cheeks too! if i saw those at the market i would be so happy.

  6. nice!!! cheeks seem to be a highly coveted thing in kitchens. i’ve had beef and pork cheeks… so good and tender.

    hey thank you for the pork belly treat… i gobbled them up like pac man food pellets. have a great weekend.

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