Roncal, Spiced Kumquat Compote, Cracked Pepper


After the delicious meal of duck confit I was left with surplus spiced kumquat compote. I searched around for ideas and came across this recipe which pairs its compote with aged cheese and cracked pepper. It sounded like a perfect way to use up my leftovers without getting a whole bunch of new groceries. I opted for an aged sheep’s milk cheese because I love the tanginess of it and thought it would be really good with the spiciness of the savory compote. I hit up the Whole Foods cheese section and picked up a wedge of roncal which is an aged sheep’s milk cheese from Spain. With a sprinkle of cracked pepper on top the roncal and spiced kumquat compote made a nice pairing veering on the savory side, just the way I like it.


6 thoughts on “Roncal, Spiced Kumquat Compote, Cracked Pepper

  1. that’s the bitch about making condiments–it’s never just enough for one meal, you always end up with surplus.

    hey, we should have a field trip over to the beverly hills cheese store one day….

  2. hi santos, seriously whenever i have leftover condiment it’s on my mind all day! especially if it’s not freezable. yes we should definitely to a trip to the cheese store. i need to go get some cheese my my future mashed potatoes. you back yet?

  3. nope…it might be awhile before i get there, booo. i’ve got manila and kuala lumpur to get to first!

    ooh, maybe we can all take a field trip over to la española in harbor city, they’ve got the real jamon serrano and iberico there, and a full line of cheeses as well….

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  5. hi santos, is the serrano ham at markets different from the one at la espanola? never thought to actually ask about the maker or distributor. a few weeks ago when i stopped by whole foods (fairfax) for serrano ham they said they don’t carry it anymore bc it has nitrates!

    hi dawn, yes serrano ham would have been great! serrano ham is one of my favorite things ever. definitely my favorite ham. that reminds me i should order some of the iberico ones. yum.

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