Spiced Kumquat Pastry


Even after the cheese pairing with the delicious roncal I still had a few spoonfuls of spiced kumquat compote left. Not to mention a little bit of roncal. I wanted one last hurrah with the compotes and try to make some good of it. It would have to be something easy and fast. I had puff pastry in the freezer thank goodness. If it were not for that the compote would have most likely made its way into the bin.

I cut the puff pastry up into smaller pieces, egg washed it, sprinkled it with grated roncal, a spoonful of the compote, and cracked pepper for a lil spice. The exact same flavors for the cheese pairing except different because of the warm, flaky puff pastry. You can’t go wrong with hot, buttery puff pastry straight from the oven. What a nice treat to have right after work when hunger pains start kicking in. I had Boy pick a plate of these up for the Boys music session. What took like only 15 minutes to make with barely any work at all (since most of the work had been done previously) made a few of us a very happy snackers. Don’t deny the potential of your leftovers! They come in handy. For good snacking at least.


6 thoughts on “Spiced Kumquat Pastry

  1. Looks delish! I may have to “borrow” your idea of puff pastry, cheese and compote for a Super Bowl party contribution…

    We’re nowhere near as good as you; using puff pastry for leftover dishes. We just get out the oatcakes or water biscuits and scoff the lot.

  2. hi dawn,
    puff pastry treat would be great for super bowl. nicer than the usual finger foods. a more sophisticated finger food. 🙂 i think im going to go for chicken wings of some sort.

    hi justin,
    “drive-thru yoony’s”

    hi worc,
    yes more kumquats! new dishes from leftovers – seems to be the theme a lot in my kitchen. 🙂

    hi hannah,
    i think in fact it was a cold day and i was standing awfully close to the oven as it the pastries were baking. the best part was when the pastries were done and i could open the oven to let all the warmth out.

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