Romesco Pork Belly Pasta


So after the gougeres I still had some pork belly left. Looked like just enough to make two servings of ragu. Hot meat sauce over pasta on a cold day? Ragu seemed like a great idea. It’s not a traditional ragu though, not unintentionally. I wanted to make the og style one from Marcella’s book but since I would have to get more meats and such I thought I would freehand this one with stuffs in the fridge. So if we want to be picky, let’s just call it romesco pork belly pasta.

Here is how it went down, quick and simple. I chopped up the pork belly lardons into little pieces. I opted for the better texture of hand chopping than blitzing it in the ol’ processor. I sweated some mirepoix with garlic and thyme to which I then added the chopped pork belly (finally using it all up!) and sauteed it together. I deglazed the pan with red wine (an open bottle on the kitchen table) . Then went in a few scoops of creme fraiche (which was crying out to be used from back of the fridge), chopped san marzano tomatoes with its juice, and romesco (the special guest ingredient). I simmered the whole lot until my kitchen smelled edible and I was uber hungry. Once the pasta (perciatelle which perfect for a meat sauce, imo) was done I tossed it with the sauce and added a sprinkling of chopped parsley.

After what seemed like an eternal simmering I tasted the ragu. The romesco and tomato had melded together to provide a great base for the pork belly. The red wine added a robustness to the whole sauce. I did add this with a heavy hand if I recall. It was delicious. A cold day remedy.


5 thoughts on “Romesco Pork Belly Pasta

  1. That looks delicious! My only complaint about your photo is that I would want 4x the quantity on that plate.

    Off topic, how long do you think creme fraiche keeps in the fridge once opened. I always have a hard time using all of it.

  2. hi ellen,
    i’ll make a note of that. 🙂 4x pasta for ellen. i feel like i ate that much pasta today. barely keeping my eyes open right now… does the cf come with an expiration date? i usually follow that and tack on a bit more time until it starts molding.

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