Avocado Salad with Pomegranate Salsa &…


…Prosciutto, Roncal, Hazelnuts, Wild Arugula, Meyer Lemon-Hazelnut Oil Dressing.

Hello salad whose name is way too long! I couldn’t decide which ingredient to leave anonymous because they were all important. But I really wanted to highlight the beautiful quality of my farmer’s market organic avocados so that’s how this salad came about. The avocados were so creamy rich and perfectly ripe. These were after all ripe-handle-with-care haas avocados. I thought they would be well treated paired with Suzanne Goin’s tart and sweet pomegranate salsa.

But I cannot dismiss the importance of the rest of the salad crew though. The creamy avocado with the tart juicy pomegranate salsa, salty meaty prosciutto, tangy sharp roncal, super nutty toasted hazelnuts, peppery wild arugula from Coleman Farms, and last but not least the meyer lemon-hazelnut oil dressing. The dressing was great and I’m in love with hazelnut oil. The can was freshly opened for this salad so it was so supa dupa fresh.

I think my favorite sorta salads have saltiness, nuttiness and crunchiness. This salad’s got a whole lot more than that, in a good way. Loved all the different textures and flavors coming together.



4 thoughts on “Avocado Salad with Pomegranate Salsa &…

  1. Two things I love about this dish: The combination of avocado and pomegranate and the combination of meyer lemon and hazelnut oil. You are so smart. I bought some meyer lemons at Trader Joe’s last week, juiced them and then was unsure what to do with the juice. It ended up evaporating before I could decide. I wish I’d had this recipe.

  2. hi hannah,
    yeah hazelnuts are popular. they are such a pain to peel though. thank goodness i found peeled ones.

    hi grant,
    i’m missing those avocados right now. i think i was in a similar situation to yours – tryin to use my last meyer lemon up. then this salad came along. at least try the dressing. it’s so simple and delicious. i didn’t add anything else in there except salt & pepper.

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