Petrale Sole, Ham Hock Heirloom Beans, Black Truffle Butter


While perusing the bean section at Surfas I saw this gorgeous heirloom bean mix. I was planning to make a simple bean and kielbasa stew but I remembered my friend Imani’s delicious black eyed peas cooked with ham hocks and quickly changed my mind. I wanted to give the beans the same treatment – simmered for hours with smoky ham hocks. I looked up a recipe and saw how very simple it was. All it took was chopped onion, ham hocks, beans and a few hours on the stove. It only seemed right to accompany this with homemade cornbread.


Then I recalled having a delicious petrale sole dish at AOC that had split peas, ham hocks, and truffle butter. So another AOC-inspired meal was born. The mock version is similar to the original except for that fact that I used heirloom beans.

I seasoned the petrale sole with cayenne, salt and pepper, dredged it flour, and sauteed it. I topped a plate of hot ham hock beans with the fish and dabbed it with a generous dot of black truffle butter and served grilled cornbread on the side to soak up all them smoky bean juices. A satisfying warm dinner for a cold night.



8 thoughts on “Petrale Sole, Ham Hock Heirloom Beans, Black Truffle Butter

  1. wow, i would never think of serving beans with fish (unless it’s preserved black beans…). that looks delicious. i’m glad i’m not the only one who ogles the bean aisle at surfa’s.

    happy lunar new year!

  2. hi santos,
    yeah i would have never thought to pair fish and beans either, especially something smoky and rich tasting like ham hock beans. it works though. the truffle butter doesn’t hurt either. 🙂 happy lunar new year too!

  3. sounds like serious comfort food. how do you remember the exact meals that you had at AOC? i have such a hard time remembering. i know that i really enjoyed the food but it’s so hard.

  4. hi justin,
    the beans are pretty huh?

    hi hannah,
    i usually don’t have problems remembering the dish but wines are definitely hard. also helps to look at the menu to see if the dish is still on the menu. the menu corrected my memory on the split peas part.

  5. awesome, i’m famous!

    i love how you took my very simple and “down home negro southern food” and turned it into something so elegant and pretty!

    my mom just said last month she can’t find decent ham hocks in arizona! too many whiteys, i guess.

  6. hi scott,
    i didn’t know beans could be so pretty. 🙂

    hi imani,
    by the way i must get your recipe for the black eyed peas! also collard greens! i am really craving the greens. i could eat a whole bowl of these two dishes.

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