Bagna Cauda



I picked up these gorgeous baby romanesco and baby cauliflowers at the Weiser Farms stand at the farmer’s market. Although at that point I had way too many bags of produce in my hands I could not pass them up. First dish that came to mind was bagna cauda, a winter Piedmontese treat consisting of a “hot bath” of anchovy-garlic olive oil in which raw vegetables are dipped.

Against the bagna cauda rules I lightly blanched smaller florets in salted water for about thirty seconds. Still close to raw but softened around the edges a bit and color more expressed ever so slightly. Boy thought these looked like little pieces of toys. The colors are just too lovely.


But since I cannot make a meal out of just baby florets I went ahead and made my own very untraditional dipper – mozzarella and spicy giardiniera panini. Simple and perfect for dipping into the warm oil.



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