Grilled Cheese Month: Harissa Dreamin’


Although there’s been waaay too much grilled cheese in my life I made a new one today to dedicate it to the Grilled Cheese Month. Let’s just call it Harissa Dreamin’. On La Brea Bakery’s crazily priced $9.75 walnut bread I layered harissa flavored cheddar, smoked gouda, pimenton-stuffed olives and a pinch of za’atar. Then grilled it in goat butter and speared it with a whole pimenton-stuffed olive. Let me tell you, this was delicious! I love the earthy spices the harissa brought to the cheddar and the slight sharpness of the goat butter. I wish now I went with my first instinct and also included goat cheese inside the sandwich. The olives also added a nice salty briny touch. Oh and the bread? Really really good. However $9.75 still seems quite steep for a loaf of bread. I need to start baking more bread.


8 thoughts on “Grilled Cheese Month: Harissa Dreamin’

  1. hi hannah,
    i like that the loaf is generously studded with walnuts. i have a feeling i’ll be buying it again real soon.

    hi santos,
    more maker’s mark and more grilled cheese!

  2. Oh how I love you, grilled cheese sandwich. I long for the day when Passover ends so I can return to eating you whenever I please. Great sandwich Susan!

  3. This sandwich sounds unbelievable. Couple questions. I love harissa. Where did you get harissa flavored cheddar?!? And two, where do you buy za’atar? I’ve never used it but want to. This just sounds soooo good.

  4. hi scott,
    you eating grilled cheeses yet? 🙂

    thanks kathy!

    hi julie,
    can one of the random things be that i’ve made way too many grilled cheese in the last month? 😉

    hi grant,
    i got the harissa cheddar at trader joe’s. just noticed it recently too. and the zaatar is from surfas. i’m not sure if all zaatar’s are the same but mine is loaded with dried thyme and sesame. it’s yummy!

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