Buttermilk-Poppy Seed Biscuit, Duck Confit, Savory Cherry Compote, Creme Fraiche


Biscuits – another way to use poppy seeds! Fresh from the oven the warm buttermilk biscuit was fluffy, buttery and now also pleasantly crunchy from the black seeds. I paired it with duck confit (also begging to be used up) for a little appetizer. I topped a biscuit half with shredded duck confit and savory cherry compote made with fresh cherries, red wine, orange juice, sugar and spices. The lovely duck confit and cherry compote pairing is straight out of Sunday Suppers at Lucques cookbook. I finished the dish with a quenelle of tangy creme fraiche to contrast with the earthy spices of the duck and compote. A few sprigs of microgreens later and the cute appetizer was ready to be consumed. I saved the skin from the duck leg and made a cracklin out of it. Delicious!

The original inspiration for this dish was the Thanksgiving-themed sandwiches of deli turkey, cranberry sauce and cream cheese that I used get at a sandwich shop during the college days. Duck confit for turkey, cherry compote for cranberry sauce, and creme fraiche for cream cheese. And of course , the touch of poppy seeds.

8 thoughts on “Buttermilk-Poppy Seed Biscuit, Duck Confit, Savory Cherry Compote, Creme Fraiche

  1. your recent posts have been like watching iron chef, with poppy seeds as the main ingredient. can i come over to be one of the “judges”?

  2. I have to agree with sloe…it looks so pretty! Damn, I love duck skin when it’s crispy and that cracklin looks pretty damn crispy.

  3. hi sue,
    you can be a judge any day. 🙂

    hi justin,
    i want more buttermik mac n cheese!

    hi hannah,
    you were so down to eat that chicken skin. hehe.

    hi dylan,
    when you have some free time we should cook together. like the old days!

    hi asianmommy,
    cute and more importantly tasty!

    hi santos,
    i’m still learning to use the camera. i guess i actually have to look at the manual right? i’m having trouble white balancing. :/

    hi imani,
    you rock my socks too! even when i’m not wearing socks.

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