The Droog Brunch

Sweet Pepper & Arugula Frittata with Six Cheeses

Yes six cheeses! Comte, Iberico, boccocini, cambazola, goat cheese and parmigiano reggiano. Don’t fret though, it was only a bit of each left over from my housewarmings. The main components were baby sweet peppers and arugula, seasoned with thyme, chives and parsley. This was sooo delicious and smelled so good while it was cooking. The frittata was part of a brunch I was making for my good friends Droog (aka The Boys, including Boy) who desperately needed some nutritious and satisfying good ol’ homemade food in their bodies. They devoured it.


Cinnamon Sugar Butter

I also served Trader Joe’s filone bread. It come par-baked so you can finish it off in the oven for a glorious crust and the pleasures of warm bread straight from the oven. I served it with TJ’s reduced sugar apricot preserve and two types of butters – plugra with cinnamon sugar and plugra with fleur de sel.


Yogurt with Strawberries, Blueberries, Raspberries, Sliced Almonds

Since I had a made a trip to the Hollywood farmer’s market that morning I was able to pick up some superb berries. I served lightly macerated strawberries, blueberries and raspberries over whole milk yogurt with toasted sliced almonds. I rarely eat yogurt and when I do I like it with a lot of toppings. This was just perfect – I liked it even more than I expected and with so many berries how can I complain?

For some reason alcohol at brunch is always acceptable. Lunch? Nooo. Brunch? Yaaaaay! For drinks I served a passion fruit-mango sparkler. Delicious. I got so sleepy after the brunch though with all the food and the booze. Nap time hit quick, but only after a satisfied tummy.

9 thoughts on “The Droog Brunch

  1. hi justin,
    glad you guys enjoyed it.

    thanks scott! i like brunch, but i looove eggs.

    hi kristy,
    nothing can go wrong when there is six cheeses involved, right?

    hi hannah,
    but will it stand up to robert’s famous frittata? only time will tell!

    hi asianmommy,
    yogurt is much more yummier when it’s topped with real fruit. surprisingly i am looking forward to my next bowl of yogurt & fruit.

  2. hey noona, all the stuff you make looks delicioso. i can comment on your thing now that I made a wordpress. i’m quite jealous of your cooking skills. that fritata/yogurt looks killer.


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