Wild Ahi Tuna Tartare with Sesame Oil, Lime & Jalapeno


I had a small bit of wild ahi tuna leftover from making the crudo so I used it up for a quick tartare. I chopped up the fish and seasoned it with sesame oil, lime zest, jalapeno (seeded and deveined), chives, red onion, and fleur de sel (mortar & pestled quickly to crush big crystals). I added a small amount of sriracha and lime juice for a last minute addition. I really enjoy the combination of sesame oil and salt (like the dipping sauce at Korean bbq). The addition of the lime juice & zest to the nutty sesame oil and salt was so delicious. What I really wanted to use was yuzu but I didn’t have any. Boo. I am bonkers by the way for yuzu and salt seasoned sushi which could have been another motivation for the tartar seasoning. I drank Siltstone Pinot Gris with the tartare and they were delicious together.


6 thoughts on “Wild Ahi Tuna Tartare with Sesame Oil, Lime & Jalapeno

  1. I drank Ommegang Hennepin with it. I thought the tartar was amazing and the spiciness of the beer really went well with it. I wished there was more tartar,

  2. thanks peter,
    i changed the spelling to your “tartare” which is the correct way. 🙂 tartar is actually an ethnic group of people in russia! anyways, i don’t know why i haven’t been making fish tartare all this time. i think this is in fact my first time, not including poke.

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