Whole Roasted Trout with Chermoula, Bacon, Sorrel


More chermoula adventures swept through my kitchen, this time marinating a whole rainbow trout. I rubbed the chermoula on the skin and in the cavity, sprinkled chopped cilantro and lemon zest over the fish and let it marinate in the fridge for few hours. I filled the cavity with a mixture of sweated onion, butter, thyme, chermoula and sliced fresh sorrel. I seasoned the fish with kosher salt and freshly cracked white pepper, wrapped it in a few slices of bacon, and seared it in a pan to get the bacon started. I roasted it in a 425 degree oven for 10 to 15 minutes. I sprinkled chopped mint over the fish before serving but would have loved to used cilantro which I sadly ran out of.


To soak up all the delicious chermoula trout juices I made a nutty whole wheat couscous with pistachios, mint, cilantro, scallion, lemon juice and olive oil. I fumbled in filleting the meat off cleanly in one piece and without any fish bones, the trout being my first whole cooked fish ever. But the spicy chermoula trout, smoky bacon and the nutty couscous was a great combination. I served this delicious dish with harissa and lemon wedges on the side.


3 thoughts on “Whole Roasted Trout with Chermoula, Bacon, Sorrel

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