Ode to B.L.T.s


B.L.T. is the king of sandwiches. This month I reached the pinnacle of my blt making history, partly because we’re still in the juicy tomato season and also because I found the perfect bread. If you don’t already know Bay Cities Deli in Santa Monica makes the most amazing breads ever – light and fluffy with a super thin crispy crust. They started selling sliced bread! Imagine that freshly baked bread toasted and spread generously with mayonnaise, topped with thick juicy slices of pineapple heirloom tomato straight from the farmer’s market, smoky juicy Niman Ranch dry-cured bacon, and fresh and mildly oniony onion sprouts. Heavenly, no joke. My favorite sandwiches that I’ve made besides this blt is just suped up version it. The blt stuffed with perfectly ripe haas avocado is mouthwatering. One with the avocado and also spread on one side with fresh goat cheese? To die for.


11 thoughts on “Ode to B.L.T.s

  1. gorgeous! gorging-ess πŸ™‚ have you tried the multigrain loaf from breadbar? so good, love it for blts. love that tangle of sprouts! guam has interesting sprouts–radish and broccoli mainly–but i’m thinking of doing my onion sprouts at home. it can’t be that difficult, can it?

  2. hi santos,
    i love all the breadbar breads! but i never ever go there since it’s out of the way. :/ that would be so cool if you grew your own sprouts. i have the blackest thumb ever. killed every plant i ever had.

    hi scott,
    bacon is quite attractive, isn’t it? πŸ™‚

  3. Holy moly you literally just stopped me in my tracks with this. I love me some sammiches, and I looooooove me some BLTs. I discovered onion sprouts a few months ago and you’re so right- they are awesome and perfect for sandwiches. I think everything tastes better on a slab of good, toasty bread. I see this in my future very soon………yum!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Susan, I love Bay Cities Deli! The godmother sandwich is uber-good, and yes indeed, the bread there is superb. I always find your food blog so refreshing, sophisticated, and therapeutic. Hope all is well and that you are healthy and happy!

  5. Nothing beats a simple sandwich made with the best ingredients.

    Note to self, do not read Susan blog before lunch time.

    Btw I had Voodoo Donuts (Por) over the weekend. Fruit Loop donut….yummy! Had to pass on the bacon donut.

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