Heirloom Tomato, Burrata, Pistachio Sorrel Pesto


I was panicked a few weekends ago thinking that heirloom tomatoes were going to be gone soon and that I hadn’t got my fill of them this season. I asked the tomato stand people at the Santa Monica farmer’s market how much longer they were going to be showing face and they said until Christmas time! That’s Southern California weather for you.

The combination of juicy heirloom tomatoes and creamy burrata is hard to beat. I usually eat it pretty straight up but since I had some sorrel on hand… Using the handy mortar and pestle I mashed up toasted pistachio, garlic, and chopped sorrel along with a few basil leaves, but leaving out the cheeses. The mortar and pestle is a bit of work but it’s all worth it in the end for the wonderful texture. I thinned out the paste with the deliciously fruity and unfiltered Frantoia Sicilian olive oil that I received from Julie who always spoils me with culinary goodies. I seasoned the tomato slices and burrata with fleur de sel and a drizzle of the olive oil before dolloping the bright herb paste over them. The citrusy tang of the sorrel and nutty pistachio in the pesto brought a new twist to the ol’ heirloom tomato and burrata salad.


4 thoughts on “Heirloom Tomato, Burrata, Pistachio Sorrel Pesto

  1. That is such good news about heirloom tomatoes being around for a while longer!! I had been suffering from a mixture of denial/shame/sadness about the fact that I hadn’t been to the farmers’ market lately and had been unable to give tomatoes a proper send off. You have made my day!

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