Cole Slaw with Sorrel & Greek Yogurt


Sorrel is a new thing in my kitchen. I got my first bundle of it recently and used it in a stuffing for roasted trout and sorrel pesto for a tomato salad. But I still had a handful of leaves left. Also in my fridge were strained Greek yogurt and green cabbage. Cole slaw came to mind. I stemmed the sorrel and sliced it up and added to a bowl of shredded cabbage and red onion. For the dressing I added to the yogurt some olive oil, chopped cilantro and mint, and a touch of lemon juice (you don’t want too much acid because of the high acidity of the sorrel). Delicious! This slaw didn’t feel overly creamy or rich at all since the dressing was solely based on Greek yogurt and olive oil. In fact I felt quite healthy eating it, not that I mind a creamy cole slaw. The tangy sorrel and yogurt with the refreshing cilantro and mint made this cole slaw a surprisingly good treat. I ate this along with an open-faced avocado and jalapeno jack melt and Mexican corn.


5 thoughts on “Cole Slaw with Sorrel & Greek Yogurt

  1. hi peter,
    i love greek yogurt and now that trader joe’s sells strained greek yogurt i’m loving it even more.

    hi scott,
    i love a simple slaw. what’s your favorite?

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