Homemade Mexican Chorizo


After buying and returning two manual meat grinders that didn’t quite suit me I settled on the widely available Kitchen Aid mixer meat grinder attachment. The motor can only handle a bit more than a few pounds at a time without getting hot (as some reviews stated) but I don’t think this will cause a problem for now since all I want to do is make a few pounds of homemade sausage for home consumption.


For my first homemade sausage I made Mexican chorizo. One of my favorite snacks is a chorizo taco from a taqueria doused with spicy salsa verde and bits of chopped onion and cilantro. I used Rick Bayless’s recipe which calls for pasilla and ancho chilies. I substituted guajillo for the pasilla which I couldn’t get a hold of and followed the rest of the ingredients which included cloves, dried oregano, nutmeg, cinnamon, allspice, paprika, black pepper, ground ginger, garlic and vinegar. The meat part of the recipe called for pork fat, lean pork loin, and lean pork shoulder. This part seemed a tiny bit fussier than some the other recipe I found online which just called for pork shoulder. But the results were delicious so no complaints here. The meat marinated overnight with all the seasonings and the next day I made tacos. YUM. More to come…


3 thoughts on “Homemade Mexican Chorizo

  1. wow! that looks great! I have the same meat grinder! I’ll have to try this recipe out. do you mind emailing it to me?

    btw, i posted the pork belly recipe on my site. you can go check it out at http://www.yeedesign.com/themenu/2007/07/bad-for-your-heart-good-for-your-tummy.html

    just to warn you, use your judgment when it comes to the quantities – i kind of made a guess at the quantities, since i usually eyeball it when i make it. let me know how it turns out!

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