Potato, Chorizo & Pepper Tacos


The raw chorizo mixture had to marinate overnight to meld all the flavors together. The next day it was on and I excitedly made potato, chorizo & pepper tacos. I cooked the chorizo first in the pan then spooned it out to brown the boiled chopped potato, bell pepper and onion. The potato, pepper and onion soaked up all the flavorful chorizo drippings. When these were browned I added back the cooked chorizo and tossed the whole lot together. The mixture was scooped into an open-burner-warmed-and-charred-around-the-edges mini corn tortilla. I was very happy with my very first sausage making experience and the fruits of that labor that were befalling me.



To top the delicious tacos I made a spicy heirloom tomato salsa fresca with pineapple tomatoes and a proper amount of minced jalapenos.


A creamy guacamole was also in order.


I was introduced to this Spanish rose just recently at a Silverlake Wine tasting that recommended wines that went well with bbq foods. It’s been a pleasure drinking it nicely chilled on a warm day and it was great with the chile and spice inflicted chorizo tacos.


It was only fate for chorizo and eggs to become my delightful breakfast the following morning.

4 thoughts on “Potato, Chorizo & Pepper Tacos

  1. thanks scott!
    even the rose was pretty. i was very much craving chorizo and eggs this morning but had to settle for oatmeal.

    hi justin,
    glad you like the chorizo taco. and you almost didn’t even eat it cuz you weren’t hungry.

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