Eating More Cheese


Lately I’ve switched over to serving cheese as the last course instead of trying to fit in a homemade dessert since I am not much of a baker nor dessert maker. Why deal with the extra stress and time constraints when I can concentrate more the savory foods and also avoid making a dessert that is not even up to par? But cheese, I’m all over that. For this cheese plate I went with pretty common ones but ones that are no less delicious. I paired Parmigiano Reggiano with Villa Manodori aged balsamic vinegar, Redwood Hill’s California Crottin with Frantoia extra virgin olive oil (an unfiltered Sicilian olive oil), and Roquefort with honey comb. Roquefort’s one of my favorite cheeses and was super delicious paired with the sweet honeycomb which complimented the pungency of the cheese. Of course the Parmigiano Reggiano was delicious too – the nutty and salty combined with the complex sweetness of the aged balsamic. The California Crottin was sharp and crumbly. This cheese really grew on me by the next day and I chomped down the leftovers with crackers as a snack.



3 thoughts on “Eating More Cheese

  1. hi peter,
    i usually shop at trader joe’s and once in a while at whole foods. i guess i better start hitting up the cheese store too now for more cheese variety. minus the traffic part of this project, sounds like more fun for me.

    hi justin,
    you’ve eaten my desserts and survived. 🙂

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