Luna Oysters


Yay today I successfully shucked oysters! I tried this before once and what a fail that was. I picked up a dozen luna oysters from the Carlsbad Seafood stand at the Santa Monica farmer’s market. Luna oysters are similar to Kumamoto oysters – small, delicate and sweet. The oyster guy showed me how to shuck them. The oysters needs to be set flat side up on a surface and held with a towel to protect your hand. The oyster knife needs to be worked in to the hinge where the top and bottom shell are attached. Once the knife is in twist it to pop the shell open and cut through the muscle holding onto the top shell. And success! Well almost – there were still a few I could not get the knife into the hinge. The ones that popped open made a great afternoon snack though with a squeeze of meyer lemon.

8 thoughts on “Luna Oysters

  1. Kudos! It is so hard to shuck oysters, I have resigned myself to never being able to eat fresh oysters at home. But, your post gives me hope! Those Lunas look beautiful.

  2. Oh the Santa Monica Farmers Market, I love it, I miss it! I just spent a week in Venice and ate my way through the market. I so wish there was something like that near me in Boston!

    • hi scott,
      aw venice! i went there back in 2003 and it was so beautiful. wish i could go back now and eat some delicious food there, since i’m not a broke college student anymore. 🙂

  3. hi marie,
    i agree shucking oysters is not that easy. there are some that just refuse to give! but the rewards are great.

    thanks asianmommy,

    hi justin,
    yes you would.

    hi hannah,
    make rob do it.

    thanks peter,
    i can’t wait to shuck and eat some more oysters. i’m thinking about making an oyster appetizer for my family gathering.

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