Vadouvan Kabocha Soup, Lemon Oil, Basil


Winter squashes are so delicious but yet I’ve only cooked with it once this season. The whole peeling and sometimes difficult cutting keeps me at bay. I always feel like I’m going to lose a finger trying to cut through these suckers. But I love them so much! Yeah, contradictory feelings here. But once this season I did make a velvety and gorgeously hued kabocha soup as a first course for a dinner. I cooked the squash a very easy method. The kabocha was sliced in half horizontally and seeded. Then placed cut side down on an oiled baking sheet and baked off for 30 minutes or so at 350 degrees. I scooped the flesh out when the squash was done cooking and added it to the soup base and pureed the whole lot. Easy peasy and way fast than peeling and chopping up the whole squash. I seasoned the soup with vadouvan, a French version of an Indian curry spice mix, and before serving finished it with O Lemon Oil and basil chiffonade. The bright citrusy lemon oil and fragrant basil accented the earthy vadouvan and sweet kabocha nicely.

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