Cannellini Veloute with Romesco, Bacon, Cilantro


After catering comes leftovers. That can be a good thing or a bad thing. Good thing because you got food in the fridge. Bad thing because you’re already sick of the food. I made too much of a few things including the cannellini puree. I was trying to fix my mistake of adding too much liquid to the bean puree by adding more beans. Hence, bean puree leftovers.

Soup seemed like the logical idea. I thinned out the cannellini puree with more water and simmered it while crisping up the thin bacon trimmings in a pan. Why water? The puree was made with chicken stock and I didn’t want additional chicken stock to overpower the soup. When the soup was heated I served it with a small dollop of romesco, few drops of lemon juice, a pile of bacon bits, cilantro leaves and a drizzle of the romesco oil. All the rest of the ingredients were leftovers too. A completely new dish came about – Cannellini Veloute with Romesco, Bacon, Cilantro – and I didn’t feel like I was eating the same ol’ leftovers. A simple reworking.

2 thoughts on “Cannellini Veloute with Romesco, Bacon, Cilantro

  1. hi hannah,
    how about a blog just about leftover reworkings from different people’s fridges? imagine what i could make from the droog fridge..

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