Fresh Bacon


I made bacon using once again my Charcuterie cookbook. Bacon is one of those thing in my mind that was always store-bought. I had no idea making bacon at home is so easy. All you need is pork belly, salt, sugar, and pink salt. The pork belly is cured with the salt mixture in the fridge for 7 days or so depending on the size of the meat. Traditionally American bacon is smoked after cured (which is tasty!) but you don’t necessarily have to do that when making your own at home. The book instructs you to cook the bacon in a low oven to 150 degrees, which would be the desirable temperature reached when smoking it.


After cooking the slab bacon in the oven I sliced off a piece and fried it up. It was super delicious – dense, meaty and with that distinctive cured flavor. It was definitely a cool moment in my kitchen eating my very own home-cured bacon.

5 thoughts on “Fresh Bacon

  1. thanks kenny,
    yes i’m so surprised at how easy some things are to make. i never thought of making bacon at home before. i owe all my motivation to the charcuterie book!

    hi karina,
    pink salt with nitrites. yeah those things with a bad rap! eating a tiny bit of that can’t be worse than living in la pollution, can it?

  2. hi sinosoul,
    i used to think that bacon’s flavor was mainly its smokiness but after making fresh bacon i realize it’s not. smoke is really like a seasoning, a delicious one at that. but without the smoke you can really tell what the cured flavor is.

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