Oyster Ceviche


It’s a treat to be able to slurp down a few oysters when I head to my favorite farmer’s market in Santa Monica. The Carlsbad Seafood people are always there shucking up some delicious oysters. For a take home bag of a dozen it costs $10 which is not bad at all. Especially when they are ginormathon like the Catalinas above. They were larger than usual around this time, maybe a tad bit too large. With the super fresh oysters I made Eric Ripert’s oyster ceviche. The flavors were so simple but refreshing just like a ceviche should be. Lime, cilantro and onion. The touch of lemon oil was nice though and I played a heavier hand of Tabasco cuz I’m crazy like that.

4 thoughts on “Oyster Ceviche

  1. thanks oppa!

    hi marie,
    i agree raw oysters are the perfect food for the warm weather (altho it’s not their season right?). it’s so refreshing.

  2. Here in Florida, oysters are one of the major food groups, of course.
    But our local Asian Supermarket has HUGE oysters that aren’t really suited for slurping, even for a big man like me who loves him some oysters.
    What would YOU do with oysters that are as big as your foot?

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