Braised Lamb Shoulder, Vadouvan, English Peas, Cilantro Orange Gremolata


At the end of May I figured I still had a small window to sneak in a hearty braise before the warmth of summer took over. I got a whole lamb shoulder from the butcher and had him cut it up into six chunks with the bones in. The meat was browned in olive oil and then chopped onion, garlic and vadouvan in the meat drippings. After the pot was deglazed with red wine and chicken stock the lamb chunks were added back in the pot and the whole lot simmered for about two hours. When the braise had cooled down a lil bit I separated the meat from the bones in large chunks and added a healthy squeeze of lemon juice.


Rustichella d’Abruzzo’s cencioni pasta was perfect match for the braise. They were huge ovals, smooth on one side and the other side so scraggly that any sauce that would befall it would get stuck for a totally flavorsome bite. When the braised lamb was brought back up to a simmer and I added the fresh English peas and cooked pasta and let it soak up the sauce. Finished with a sprinkling of refreshing cilantro orange gremolata the braised lamb pasta made for a delicious hearty meal.

5 thoughts on “Braised Lamb Shoulder, Vadouvan, English Peas, Cilantro Orange Gremolata

  1. hi hannah,
    i love braised dishes too.

    hi kenny,
    the pasta from rustichella d’abruzzo is so good and the cecioni did not disappoint.

    hi imani,
    haha i can totally hear you saying that.

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