Mad Men Party

It was my friend Terence’s birthday recently and a fabulous Mad Men party was thrown in his honor by his lady who in turn hired me to cater it. I was excited to do a retro menu and what a hit it was.

orange elderflower jello shots

Jello used to be a hit back in the days. I made a updated version which is just a fancied up jello shot with orange juice, vodka, elderflower liquer and bitters. I served them up in candy cups and strewn with edible flowers for decoration.

pigs in a snuggie

I made the Charcuterie hot dog recipe to make pig in the blankets. The casing part of my charcuterie didn’t work out because it kept breaking when I was trying to squeeze the meat mixture to make it skinnier. So I ended up forming it into little balls and baking it on a puff pastry square. We joked around and coined the resulting dish “pigs in a snuggie”. The hot dog recipe is delectable by the way. It’s made with short ribs! I served them with mustard creme fraiche.

shrimp cocktail

Shrimp cocktail was a must. I poached the shrimps in court bouillon, peeled and served it with cocktail sauce made from Trader Joe’s organic ketchup, lemon juice and horseradish.

deviled eggs

I heart eggs so much. And deviled eggs? Yumb, I can eat way too many. Garnished with paprika and chives these were a hit, as always.

goat cheese truffle, pistachio, basil

I softened up some goat cheese and mixed in chopped basil. These were made into little balls and rolled in toasted, chopped pistachio. My version of cheese balls.

pate de campagne

I also hit up the pate de campagne recipe from Charcuterie. This came out pretty good, moist and studded with the optional choices of ham and green peppercorns. The leftovers would have made great sandwiches.

pickled zucchini, gentlemen’s relish

Couldn’t serve up a charcuterie platter with out some pickles. I love Zuni Cafe’s pickled zucchini recipe and it’s been a regular on my table. To go with the delicious Breadbar breads I made gentlemen’s relish which was made with butter, anchovy, shallots, lemon juice and parsley. It’s based off an old school British anchovy-based condiment. It’s quite addicting and rightly so.

iceberg salad with valdeon, bacon, buttermilk dressing

There was basically no vegetable in the whole menu so this was my contribution for vegetable lovers. Of course it has blue cheese, bacon and buttermilk dressing. I served the salad in butter lettuce cups keeping in form with the finger foodness of the event.

5 thoughts on “Mad Men Party

  1. hi justin,
    glad you liked the pate! i gotta make more charcuterie.

    hi karina,
    whoa how cool! mad men is my friend’s favorite show. all of us dressed up too. it was really fun.

    hi hannah,
    those cheese balls will make a come back sometime.

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