Holiday Dinner

The rampant holiday eating and cooking continued the day after Christmas. My brother and I hosted a dinner for a few of our friends.

The menu:

no knead bread, preserved lemon butter
roasted walnuts in the shell
chestnuts in warm sage oil, prosciutto
sweetbread nuggets, honey mustard
roasted cauliflower, coriander, paprika, anchovies
merguez corndogs
warm peanut butter oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, whipped cream


My brother’s almost no-knead bread came out beautifully brown and crusty and with a nice chewy moist crumb. We served the fresh bread with preserved lemon butter  studded with preserved lemon, shallots, parsley and thyme.


Once I was served freshly roasted walnuts at a dinner party with nut crackers to tote. This was a revelation to me. The sounds of the crackling, the scene of guests going at the nuts with the crackers was entertaining. I picked up a few nutcrackers at Surfas for only $2.50 a pop and let my guests crack away at the warm, freshly roasted walnuts


Buttermilk-marinated and doubled-dipped sweetbread nuggets.


Merguez in the process.


Merguez corndogs.


I ended the meal with warm, straight-from-the-oven peanut butter oatmeal chocolate chip cookies with the fluffiest whipped cream sans sugar and a touch of creme fraiche. Warm and soft, cool and creamy. A plate of the sweetest, juiciest satsumas from the farmer’s market followed. All around a fun and great meal full of holiday cheers.

5 thoughts on “Holiday Dinner

  1. i’ll definitely have to try out market grill! why is fried food so good? beer sounds like a good alternative. maybe i’ll have to do a corndog batter research.

  2. Very belated thanks for the wonderful dinner. We don’t often get to eat that well anymore. I am usually more of a fried-food fiend, but this time the cookies just killed me, I seriously wanted to eat them all myself.

  3. hi sarvi! you’re welcome! ameneh will eat very well if she has great tastes like her parents. 🙂 i’m not usually a sweet person either but i can never resist warm cookies straight from the oven. especially these. haha, now i remember how you grabbed the last cookie.

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