Pork Confit Sandwich


What better way to celebrate Fourth of July than with great food and friends? I was lucky enough to be invited to Jeni and Dylan’s bbq for some serious eating. If you don’t already know they are a pair of serious cooks and eaters so I had to really think about what dish I was going to contribute to the festivities. I settled on Grilled Pork Confit and turned it into a sandwich using homemade brioche buns, mustard relish, cress and everyone’s favorite, Zuni Cafe pickled red onions.





Slightly smoky, tender and well-seasoned pork shoulder complemented by tangy pickled onions, sharp mustard relish and spicy cress.

I remade the sandwich at home searing the slices of pork confit in a cast iron pan. I baked a fresh batch of brioche buns and added a fried egg. A crusty edged runny yolk fried egg. Warm yolk ran all over my fingers.


6 thoughts on “Pork Confit Sandwich

  1. those pork confit sandwiches look ridiculous (as are the rest of your food on your blog). i think dylan and jeni are the lucky ones 😉

    btw, thanks for stopping by the blog!

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