English Pea Soup


So. Vibrant. Green.

Reminds me of when I attended summer school in the U.K. and how deeply saturated green the scenery was. I really didn’t expect the soup to come out so green. What an invigorating visual pick me up though. English peas were blanched, shocked then blended with homemade vegetable stock. I decorated the surface with Pecorino shards and lemon oil. Simple, straightforward and fresh. Just what beautiful spring produce deserves.

3 thoughts on “English Pea Soup

  1. what an amazing colour! i love english pea soup, which i usually garnish with mint and a little creme fraiche, but zomg, lemon oil and pecorino sounds like the perfect west coast twist.

  2. I had just this thought when I walked to the supermarket just now to buy some creme fraiche (though I’m in Austria not the UK), it’s so green. *Love* spring.

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