Korea Part II – Jang Nal

Jang nal in Yesan was one of the highlights of the trip for me. Jang nal is a farmers market that takes place every five days. There were rows and rows of vendors, mostly grandmothers selling a few specialty items. Every corner and turn had a new scene to observe, new characters to note.

This guy was dressed to impress. He definitely stood out and I gravitated toward his cart. The red bean stuffed, fish-shaped quick bread was awesome. Freshly made, hot and a bit crusty around the edges. Perfect snack to fuel my exploration.

4 thoughts on “Korea Part II – Jang Nal

    • it was in the middle of the town in Yesan, where all the shops are. it’s every five days so you’ll have to try to find a schedule. hope you can make it there! it was super fun.

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