Korea Part IV: Street Scene

 Myung Dong shopping district

Walking around Seoul was so much fun at any time of the day. Vendors peddling all sorts of goodies, from sweets to boiled fish cakes, could be found in all sorts of busy streets and corners. Catering to a clientel of fleeting passerbys in a hurry, the vendors were ready to the nines to take them on.

Walnut bread vendor.

Walnut bread making machine.

Ghimbap – seaweed wrapped rice, vegetables and meat.

Fish cakes.

Hodduk – fried rice pancake filled with brown sugar, honey and cinnamon.

Kicking it in Kang Nam district

Egg bread. There is an egg in the middle of each of these breads. So good!

Ddukbokki (spicy rice cake) cart.

File fish jerky ready to be grilled.

My cousin told me about this Morocco Sandwich cart. I was so down for this. As much as I love eating primo Korean food, a variety is always nice. After knocking down a few drinks (ok, maybe more than a few) we made a beeline for the cart.

This guy is in the zone.

Marinted chopped beef was grilled along with onion and egg and stuffed into a soft roll. Mmm.

Of course we could not end the night with just the sandwich. We needed something soupy to soothe our alcohol filled tummies. Luckily there was a udon cart right in front of my cousin’s apartment. Score.

Thank you happy Mr. Udon.


4 thoughts on “Korea Part IV: Street Scene

  1. there isn’t much korean street food in LA so i can’t really compare. but koo’s rice cakes are the bomb! that’s freshly made on the spot. it would be so nice to have a walnut bread cart here. they are so delicious freshly made and still warm. this was the first time i tried the egg bread. everything else is pretty standard, except we don’t have outdoor vendors here!

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