eating & cooking in LA and loving every moment of it.

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  1. Hi Susan, your site is awesome and your pictures are gorgeous! The wordpress site looks a lot cooler that the og site, congrats on the move. Anyways, I had a question, and couldn’t find your contact info. Is it ok if I use your picture of Craftsman Triple White Sage, from your Saturday Lunch at Lucques? I am writing a post for my beer blog, and don’t have a picture of this incredible beer. I would (of course) credit you for the shot. Thanks!

    Also, I take it that Boy is the guy behind beer blah? Tell him I really like his site and hope to see more posts!


  2. I seriously randomly saw your blog in a google search for Korean Beef Ribs supposedly, and I automatically bookmarked your website. Its so nice to read blogs about food with the same passion as most of the other foodies out there. πŸ˜€ Keep up the good work!

  3. Hey, Susan! Long time… Just looking around, and you’ve made me so hungry! I’m still amazed by how much you cook. ^^ I still remember the days when neither of us knew how to cook much of anything, and well, I’m still there! My mom would love to trade me for you. ^^

    Was home for a couple of weeks for break, but things were so hectic that I didn’t get a chance to meet up with anyone almost. >.< Take care till I next see you! lubya.

  4. Hello Susan, It’s so great to find your blog! Your many recipes and pictures about Korean food are fantastic. We absolutely love Korean food and are so fortunate to have our Korean community here in Garden Grove, CA and Los Angeles , CA. Between L.A. and the O.C. there’s so much awesome food to explore.
    Your non-Korean dishes look spectacular too. Your repertoire is so diverse. We’re gonna go and read and eat your blog now. Thanks!

  5. hi! love your blog.. i wish i had the patience and diligence to do as you do.

    Your photos are amazing and your creativity shows through them in your food. I almost do feel like I’m reading a blog I would write myself!

    especially since ur flickr name looks ALMOST like my real name. haha.
    I’m in LA & south korea born.. we should trade recipes or do a cook off sometime.. i also have a boy that loves beer..

    so crazy.

  6. I came across your blog completely by accident and I have to say I’m in love with it. Job well done! Keep up the good work!

  7. Hi!

    My name is Wie and I just found your blog. All your creations had left my mouth watering. I’m wondering if you also share recipes of all the dishes you write about on your blog. If you’ve already done so, could you please point me where to find it?


  8. I was searching on pictures of heirloom beans and your photo popped up. So I hope you don’t mind I borrowed it for my blog post. It’s a beautiful picture and I made sure to send my fans to your site, which by the way is beautiful!

    Happy Trails,

  9. i was hungry when i clicked on this site, and now i’m starving! i was just looking at the salads… each time i scrolled down i kept thinking, ok there must be some end to this deliciousness, but no; it went on, and on, and if there is anything i like more than food, it is the beauty of presenting it, and i think your photos provide quite a spectacular example. i find it hard to believe one person can consistently amaze me, producing something beautiful and original again and again, even using the same ingredients. what’s going on here? are you a professional, an addict, or simply the god(dess) of gourmandy? i could go on forever, but i think i will just conclude in saying that, where i come from (Ithaca) is considered a bastion of finer restaurants in upstate NY, but I can honestly say you’ve taken everything i’ve seen, tasted, and thought i knew about cooking, (which puts everyone else i know to shame) and tossed it in the tupperware like so many forlorn and forgotten leftovers. your site is a life changing experience.

  10. One of your friends directed me to this site and it is just beautiful! All of your dishes look just amazing. I just wish I knew how you made them. Some of these look too delicious to not at least attempt at home.

  11. I have no idea how I ran across your site and now 3 hours later and still salivating I wanted to thank you!!! and now i have to get back to work…and schedule your blog for a daily “break”.

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