Ludo Bites ~ December 2007


Excuse the Ludo Bites count down but I just adore the food there and the fact that you can b.y.o.b. with no corkage. The combination of excellent food and no corkage is rare. So I returned this week, the last week of the event, with a few more friends.

We started off the night by popping off the cork on a shiraz and going to work on the bread basket with Echire butter. Our large cheese plate was served up shortly after featuring these pairings:

Epoisse (Cow) – honeycomb
Mimmolette (Cow) – pink grapefruit confit
Petit Basque (Sheep) – date puree and sea salt
Morbier (Cow) – toasted hazlenut paste, licorice
Le Cornilly (Goat) – spiced Prune


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Ludo Bites, Again

Cherry tomato aigre-doux, rigatoncini pasta, poached lobster in tamarind butter

I went back Ludo Bites a few times since my post but haven’t written about any new subsequent dishes. And there are new dishes or little edits every week! My initial plan was to go eat there every week but unfortunately this did not come to fruition. But next week is the last week of Ludo Bites and a small panic set in. It’s been over a month since I ate there and I wanted to come back and see what was going on.

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Bread, Cheese, Ludo Bites

ludo bites

Last week when Karina was in town she suggested a group dinner at Ludo Bites, a collaboration between Breadbar, Beverly Hills Cheese Store and Chef Ludovic Lefebvre. This sounded intriguing. I’ve never had Chef Ludo’s food before at L’Orangerie or Bastide, either being a poor student or a poor college graduate depending on what year it was. Dinner at Ludo Bites turned out to be an absolutely amazing night of food, fun and excitement. A night of beautiful quenelle of feta mousse over juicy and sweet heirloom tomatoes; an amazing spread of cheeses with equally amazing condiments most of which were made by Chef himself, especially the addicting pink grapefruit confit; chile spiked chocolate mousse; and so much more. Karina and Dawn both wrote great posts on this magical dinner with beautiful photos to accompany.

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